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Bandaranaike had to make strident efforts to articulate his own concept of "Dynamic Neutralism " after he became the Prime Minister.
seen in the way younger journalists are much more negative towards the idea of "shared ideals" and "the same basic competence" as a journalistic ideal (in other words, rejecting journalistic universalism in favour of pluralism), and by their lesser concern with political neutralism, differences that can probably largely be linked to different historical experiences, their higher educational level and that they work in a more diverse range of journalistic mediums and departments.
For her part, Amos expressed satisfaction over the cooperation achieved between the two sides since her visit last March, indicating her Office's efforts to mobilize the largest humanitarian assistance to help Syria face the crisis in an atmosphere of neutralism, independence and away from politicalization.
and buries his neutralism in the elections Hariri praises Tripoli's people commitment to the project of the state Al-Akhbar "Future" supports disarming Tripoli .
The interplay of science and technology can help us avoid technical neutralism.
He believed that a united socialist Africa is a necessary condition for the realization of the African Personality, and positive neutralism and non-alignment, the necessary medium for its expression.
The PACI used the electronic numbering system to ensure confidentiality and neutralism.
The premise of neutralism or nonalignment in the Cold War seemed to be very much at the heart of the so-called "Gaullist" proposals coming from France since 1963.
Jawad al-Bolani enjoys acceptance by the majority of the Political blocs, due to his neutralism," Atwani told Aswat al-Iraq news agency, adding that "the Supreme Islamic Council welcomes Bolani's nomination for the Defense Minister's post.
Werner Levi, "Necrology on Indian Neutralism," Eastern World 17, no.
The postwar character of the French, Italian, and Greek governments was largely reflective of his influence, as was the neutralism of Tito's Yugoslavia.
Mutleg congratulated the members of NINA for their safety, appreciating the role done by the Agency to emphasize the independence and neutralism in covering events in Iraq.