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The Pathet Lao soon took over from the center neutralists.
Thus, we arrived more or less in style for the presentation to Lao Premier Katay Don Sasorith, a pro-Thai Lao nationalist who had succeeded neutralist Souvanna Phouma.
Nonetheless, the political struggle among communists, neutralists, and rightists continued.
Asia was not a fertile ground for this kind of regional alliance as the strong neutralist sentiment stimulated by leaders such as India's Jawaharlal Nehru resulted in opposition to it.
xiv) With an eye for the dynamic between ideas and policy, Ginat questions the degree to which neutralist positions were the demonstration of an engrained ideology, or simply the ad hoc result of realpolitik.
The argument of many in the Brazilian neutralist front was: Why fight German Nazism and defend American segregation?
In the EU it is the states that decide whether to go to war, whether to contribute to NATO forces (countries like Ireland, strongly neutralist, will not), or whether to support 'coalitions of the willing' such as the one that intervened in Iraq.
Over the following decade, the rapid waning of the Cold War ideological conflict and growing attractiveness of European integration eroded Finnish and Swedish motivations for pursuing neutralist foreign policies.
8) This musical instrument metaphor and the careful calibration between copiousness and concision that I am identifying is inspired by Ehninger's (1970) famous argument violin (see also Mitchell, 2010), a trope that recommends the fine-tuning of one's argumentative stance to adopt a standpoint between the neutralist and the naked persuader.
Ethical practice requires relinquishing the neutralist claim that one's impact upon the world is decided in a realm separate from one's mode of cognition * Consider adopting a 'discordant pluralism' approach.
And, finally, "realists" like Kissinger and Nixon were ideologically irritated by the neutralist and Third World attitudinizing of Pandit Nehru and his successors as Indian prime minister.