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Beyond previously-mentioned factors--especially the lingering hold of neutralist sentiments and mixed views regarding the United States--Swedish political culture puts great stock in achieving a broad consensus on major foreign policy issues, as was the case when the government sought EU membership.
before a conference of neutralist heads of state in Cairo in order to enlist
We, the young intellectuals of that time, were compelled to ask ourselves if we were capable of playing a role within this movement and contributing to its goals, regardless of our particular personal ideological inclinations and/or commitments, be they Arab nationalist, Ba'thist, Nasserite, Marxist, progressive, neutral technocratic, or positive neutralist.
I then revisit Cover's essay Nomos and Narrative as a critique of the neutralist jurisprudence associated with individualism and territory.
The idea that cultural identity may require recognition is often reduced to a communitarian desire for a univocal community and a monistic conception of the good, and thus liberals such as Rawls provide a neutralist response which misses the mark.
64) Chan continues: "Unlike the antimoralistic and neutralist strands in liberalism, Confucianism regards the ethical content, or the morality or immorality, of an action always as one relevant reason for the state to promote or prohibit it.
The United States was not opposed to South Vietnam emerging as a neutralist nation, somewhat like Burma or Cambodia.
However, just before the New Year celebrations on the 31st started, we learned that Captain Kong Le whose neutralist troops had been driven out of Vientiane, a month before, was taking over Xieng Khouang.
Another scene, as recalled in 1926 by theater critic and director Corrado Pavolini, contrasts the walk of a neutralist, described as hesitant, fearful, and Hamletian, with that of an interventionist, played by Marinetti, who runs like a bayonet (Lista 42).
In the wake of the discussion of the neutralist position, this Article will examine an additional argument alluded to by the justices--that even if one agrees that their decision on the question of who is a Jew is substantive and not technical, and even if one agrees that it was premised on their liberal worldview, their decision still merits the title of neutrality because liberalism itself is premised on the foundations of neutrality.
The main concern of the United States was the neutralist element of Nasserist ideology--nonalignment in the Cold War, allowing Arabs the opportunity to gain benefits from both camps in the bipolar struggle.
While he remained a neutralist himself in foreign policy, at home he advocated a special form of "African socialism" which he said should be devoid of both atheism and excessive materialism.