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Things soon went from bad to worse when members of the right-wing initiated a coup and arrested neutralist Prime Minister Prince Souvanna Phouma.
CIA Station Chief Whitehurst wanted Vang Pao to avoid any suggestion of support for the Neutralists in open conflict with the communists (Ahern 2006: 141-142).
In early 1955, the Americans began to be dissatisfied with Sihanouk's neutralist policies and unwillingness to actively fight against communism.
More recently, analysts have begun to consider the role of the age structure of the population, a critical variable that pessimists, optimists, and neutralists alike seem to have ignored in their focus on total population growth.
Neither benevolent neutralists nor secular neutralists rely on preference-free legal arguments to arrive at their respective definitions, but rather they base their positions on political judgments concerning the nature of reality and the role religion should play in a pluralistic society.
The neutralists (whose principal figure is Rawls) elaborate procedures for realizing the shared political things that do not depend on our varied value-conceptions.
I have inserted the exceptions involving conceptions that all reasonable citizens would reject, because I presume that liberal neutralists would acknowledge that although there is no conception of the good that all reasonable citizens would endorse, there are some conceptions that all reasonable citizens would reject (for example, conceptions that violate rational requirements of consistency).
The Communists have made it quite clear they will fight until a compromise is reached, and that will mean putting neutralists or Communists in the Saigon government.
From New York south to Georgia, on the other hand, there were major concentrations of British loyalists and would-be neutralists.
By the spring of 1915, interventionists and neutralists were fighting in the streets as the country tore itself apart over the issue.
The liberal perfectionists, among whom Sher includes William Galston, Stephen Macedo, and Joseph Raz, have provided a merely internal criticism of liberal neutralism: "Instead of defending their value-claims, they are often content to remind us that theirs are the values of liberalism, and that most neutralists themselves accept those values" (p.
64) that George Ball 'thought that Makarios's aim was to get the Cyprus problem into the UN orbit where the slogan of self-determination, supported by the communist bloc and the neutralists, could exert pressure towards the establishment of an independent unitary state, where he could do what he liked with the Turkish Cypriots.