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The neutralists (whose principal figure is Rawls) elaborate procedures for realizing the shared political things that do not depend on our varied value-conceptions.
I have inserted the exceptions involving conceptions that all reasonable citizens would reject, because I presume that liberal neutralists would acknowledge that although there is no conception of the good that all reasonable citizens would endorse, there are some conceptions that all reasonable citizens would reject (for example, conceptions that violate rational requirements of consistency).
From New York south to Georgia, on the other hand, there were major concentrations of British loyalists and would-be neutralists.
64) that George Ball 'thought that Makarios's aim was to get the Cyprus problem into the UN orbit where the slogan of self-determination, supported by the communist bloc and the neutralists, could exert pressure towards the establishment of an independent unitary state, where he could do what he liked with the Turkish Cypriots.
The third group, Neutralists, only want to relax and are not concerned with socialising, improving their health or rejuvenating.