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TEST. Something by which to ascertain the truth respecting another thing. 7 Penn. St. Rep. 428; 6 Whart. 284. Vide Religious Test.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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50% pseudoparticle neutralization test titers against lentiviruses bearing WT or mutant spikes (I529T or D510G) in serum samples from mice (n = 6) immunized with WT spike antigen are plotted.
Key words: Foot-and-mouth Disease, vaccines, field strains, vaccine matching, serum neutralization test.
Patients tested after 5 days of the onset of symptoms might have tested negative via RT-PCR, but could have tested positive for Zika through serology and plaque reduction neutralization test. In addition, persons living in Haiti's rural areas are less likely to be tested for Zika.
(10) Neutralizing antibodies, detected by plaque reduction neutralization tests (PRNTs), become detectable concurrently with IgM but persist for years.
Comparison of measles antihemolysin test, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, and hemagglutination inhibition test with neutralization test for determination of immune status.
The immune electron microscopy, immunofluorescence, indirect hemagglutination test, ELISA, RT-PCR and neutralization test are the mainly PED diagnosis methods (8-10).
The Mouse Neutralization Test (MNT), Rapid Fluorescent Focus Inhibition Test (RFFIT), and the Fluorescence Antibody Virus Neutralization Test (FAVN) have been described for this purpose.
All the animals were pre-screened through serum neutralization test (SNT), whereas, all ear notch biopsies of group A (n =146) and only of those animals of group B1 (n = 15) and B2 (n = 37) which had SN titer [?] 1:64 were processed to confirm the BVDV persistent infection.
The problem has been that the standard assay is a serum neutralization test performed in guinea pigs or mice which has become increasingly undesirable, due to expense, complexity, disfavor on humanitarian grounds, and lack of sensitivity and specificity (Songer and Meer, 1996).
The only two scientifically valid ways of determining food sensitivity are by a properly performed challenge feeding test or a classic provocative neutralization test. There are no double-blind studies that show any type of in vitro food testing is efficacious.