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Two terrorists, one of them woman, were neutralized in an ensuing clash.
Samples that neutralized virus at dilutions [greater than or equal to] 1:20 were scored as positive.
The intravenous treatment neutralized the toxin in time to save Jude's life--a testament to antivenom's powers.
The darker the chocolate, the better it neutralized the cholesterol.
Acid neutralizing capacity refers to the amount of acid neutralized in a simple laboratory test.
On the 9th October 2003, Medarex/MBL announced they had neutralized the SARS virus in non-human tissue cultures.
Serum samples from 32 bats neutralized NiV (median titer 20, range 5-160), samples from 52 bats did not, and samples from 20 bats caused toxic reactions in the cell sheet at dilutions <10 (n = 7), <20 (n = 9), or <40 (n = 4), precluding a definitive test outcome.
When he and a colleague injected harmless amounts of the toxins into his animals, their immune systems made antibodies that bound and neutralized the toxins.
The DVS 6000 has successfully neutralized all H2S, yielding excellent preliminary results.
In fact, human survivors of the 1918 influenza pandemic had antibodies that neutralized both the 1918 HA/NA (1918 HA/NA:WSN) recombinant virus and the A/Swine/Iowa/30 virus.