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Number of terrorists neutralized in armed clashes in the first five months of 2010 has reached 160.
In order to make your cakes, cookies, breads, and biscuits rise, he says, the base has to be neutralized by an acid.
Senator Franklin Drilon on Saturday questioned the need to extend martial law in Mindanao until the end of the year, when several Maute terrorists have been neutralized in the 60 days prescribed period of President Rodrigo Duterte's martial law.
One serum sample from Cameroon neutralized all 3 chimpanzee adenoviruses and had titers of 20 to AdC68 and 160 to AdC6 and AdC1.
The intravenous treatment neutralized the toxin in time to save Jude's life--a testament to antivenom's powers.
The darker the chocolate, the better it neutralized the cholesterol.
On the 9th October 2003, Medarex/MBL announced they had neutralized the SARS virus in non-human tissue cultures.
Serum samples from 32 bats neutralized NiV (median titer 20, range 5-160), samples from 52 bats did not, and samples from 20 bats caused toxic reactions in the cell sheet at dilutions <10 (n = 7), <20 (n = 9), or <40 (n = 4), precluding a definitive test outcome.