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Developed by chemists, Oban Odor Neutralizer is a blend of non-toxic, biodegradable essential extracts that absorbs and destroys odors on contact, leaving surfaces and the air smelling fresh and clean.
12 numbers of refuse chambers including labour, materials, transport, tools, hoisting, testing, commissioning, dismantling and removing of existing odor neutralizers (excluding servicing after installation) at kent vale estate, belonging to the national university of singapore
The polyolefin industry has increasingly recognized that acid neutralizers derived from salts and esters of lactic acid - lactates and lactylates - are highly proficient at imparting corrosion resistance, stabilizing melt viscosity, and maintaining color in virgin PP systems.
AES, one of the largest distributors of odor neutralizers and delivery systems in the United States, has an extensive product line that also includes Strike[R], midge control that stops the reproductive cycles of nuisance flies to eliminate and prevent infestations.
Contract award: Supply of fuel and container specialist container transport extinguishing agents, neutralizers and dampers.
Data capture is now standard on the Virtual AC Intelligent static neutralizers.
The new 8004 control module and 8011 high voltage power supply are among the latest enhancements to the patented Virtual AC line of static neutralizers.