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They treated normal mice with a drug that impairs immunological tolerance and found that they began producing antibodies capable of neutralizing HIV-1.
However, even with these powerful broadly neutralizing antibodies in hand, scientists need to find a way to elicit their production in the body through a vaccine.
Of the former, human monocyte assay of undiluted serum showed that 31 had DENV-2 neutralizing antibodies from a prior heterotypic dengue infection.
Acid neutralizing capacity is 21-23 mEq of acid consumed per gram.
Grades where coagulant is a neutralizing agent to prevent deposition include LWC, alkaline printing and writing, newsprint, paperboard, and tissue," he added.
The adjuvant activity of HA was higher than mucosal adjuvant cholera toxin in inducing neutralizing antibodies; and
Although very commonly used, neutralizing amines have a number of drawbacks.
2, 4): Take an explosive straight six-inch step with the right foot and then bring the left foot parallel, while striking a neutralizing technique into the lineman as you feel (read) the head-up keys.
The culprit appears to involve neutralizing antibodies, which this portion of the group had developed in response to the presence of Betaseron, a foreign protein, in their systems.
Advances in nonlethal neutralizing agents--most notably oleoresin capsicum, or "pepper spray"--give today's law enforcement officers a means to control subjects without resorting to a physical confrontation or to the deadly force level of the force continuum.
Previously, a study of antibody genetics enabled scientists to deduce the step-by-step evolution of certain broadly neutralizing antibodies-those that can prevent infection by the majority of HIV strains found around the globe.