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Nevertheless, no geneticist can overlook the slim fringes on Brooks' overlapping-circles diagram.
Nevertheless, Tebeau takes great pains to demonstrate that between the 1870s and the 1940s firefighting became a profession: he deploys statistical tables (showing that firefighting careers became "longer over time" and that "firefighters' separation from the fire service" increasingly became voluntary) to demonstrate that by the twentieth century firefighting was a distinct occupation with its own culture, routines, and procedures.
Nevertheless, I believe that the upcoming consolidation of the India offshore BPO market will favor a handful of the largest IT service providers in India who are now building BPO resources.
State prosecutors concluded that the killing of Hazelwood was justified, but Lutters was nevertheless charged with carrying the firearm without a permit.
Newman argues that with the dawning of the Civil Rights Movement, three distinct groups formed in Southern Baptist culture: a hard-line conservative group committed to racism and maintaining segregation; a moderate group that did not favor rapid desegregation but nevertheless realized the evils of Jim Crow; and a progressive group committed to desegregation.
Retelling the most familiar of stories with the most improbable of plots, Kingsolver nevertheless commands our attention and forces us to believe.
The book shows us how Southerners, decisively whipped on the battlefield, managed, nevertheless, to wrest a victory on the intellectual, social, and economic fronts.
Nevertheless, Jae Diego chose to set her recent work for four dancers in a small-town library, and a nineteenth-century one at that.
Nevertheless, even seemingly minor perturbations in an endocrine-associated parameter can potentially set into motion a series of biological events, which could have more widespread ecotoxicologic impacts.
Nevertheless, a higher positivity was obtained from 20 CSF samples when RT-N-PCR was used than for 20 samples of feces from the same patients when evaluated by viral isolation.
While happy to have his support, gay activists nevertheless questioned the timing of his announcement and his sincerity in proclaiming he would use his post on the House Judiciary Committee to jump-start action on the bill.