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A little later I find you taking an immense interest in our new destroyers, trying, in fact, to induce young Conyers to explain our wire netting system, following him down to Portsmouth and doing your best to discover also the meaning of a new device attached to his destroyer.
Of course, they could squirm as they perished, as the socialists squirmed, as the speaker on the platform and the perspiring crowd were squirming even now as they counselled together for some new device with which to minimize the penalties of living and outwit the Cosmos.
It was his first trial of the new device, and while he was prepared for increased speed he was not prepared for such an astonishing increase.
While it lasted, he got them in- terested in a new device.
Nor yet, amidst this joy and brightest morn, Was absent, after all his mischief done, The Prince of Darkness; glad would also seem Of this fair change, and to our Saviour came; Yet with no new device (they all were spent), Rather by this his last affront resolved, Desperate of better course, to vent his rage And mad despite to be so oft repelled.
On the contrary, the speeding-up seemed to be growing more savage all the time; they were continually inventing new devices to crowd the work on--it was for all the world like the thumbscrew of the medieval torture chamber.
But it was not resolved unanimously that things would come right; on the contrary, the committee looked rather grim, and the political personage from Brassing was writing busily, as if he were brewing new devices.
Summary: New device will ensure a safe process of arrest taking into account human rights, police say
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries have revealed a new device that removes living organisms from ships' ballast water at Yokohama Port's Honmoku Pier on 5th April.
A new device being developed by researchers at Purdue University and the University of Toledo promises to detect a potential stress fracture--so athletes know when to take it easy.
The new device, which combines IRI-Ubiteq's image processing technologies, FiberTech's expertise in medical devices, and super-resolution processing, an algorithm developed by the Nagaoka University of Technology, can remove noise in fundus photographs on a real-time basis and make the images clearer.
He and his colleagues describe their new device in the February Review of Scientific Instruments.

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