new hearing

See: rehearing
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The ruling was postponed, with a new hearing set for September 18.
Chris was then offered a trial for his new hearing aid, with no purchase upfront and no obligation to buy "I took up the offer of a free trial," he laughs, "But to be honest, the improvement was noticeable straight away.
Describing the decision to accede to the Best team's request as being "in the best interests of racing", a spokesman for the authority said the decision to appoint Louis Weston in place of McPherson for the proceedings - which are due to commence on Monday week - in no way vindicated the objections and was taken purely to ensure the new hearing did not suffer any delay.
Judges later allowed the new hearing to move 150 miles from the original court in Mold, North Wales, to Cardiff crown court in South Wales.
FOUR new hearing loop systems have been introduced to Arc as part of the Stockton venue's aim to improve access.
In their latest appeal at the state level, Masterson's lawyers asked for a new hearing to challenge the constitutionality of a statute that allows the state to keep execution drug manufacturers secret.
The court's ruling came after it rejected the appeals the defendants have submitted against the Criminal Court's ruling in May 2015, in a new hearing, to become an irreversible verdict in any way of litigation.
The design additionally provides mini orifices so the wearer can slowly block additional sound, if they choose, as they get used to the new hearing protection.
The restaurant has since shut down - but the 40-year-old had his personal licence, allowing him to run licensed premises, revoked in a new hearing at Warwick Crown Court.
The family are now fundraising for a new hearing dog.
Older adults often have trouble adjusting to new hearing aids, as they are suddenly flooded with ambient noises like wind and background conversations that can be painful, irritating, and hard to ignore.
A County Durham community |centre is continuing its drive to improve the facilities it can offer to people with disabilities with the installation of a new hearing loop.