new hearing

See: rehearing
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A new hearing will take place at the SSSC's base in Dundee on Monday, August 26.
Tariff Commission sets new hearing on cement imports !-- -- Louella Desiderio (The Philippine Star) - May 5, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines The Tariff Commission has set a new hearing to determine if the preliminary safeguard duty on cement imports should stay.
Instead of issuing its decision over a dispute regarding the eligibility of a player as was expected, on Friday the football association (CFA) called a new hearing on the matter amid claims of a cover-up and political meddling in the affair.
The Panel noted that if at any time during the monitor period the company fails any listing standard, Nasdaq would issue a delisting determination and the hearings department would schedule a new hearing. Therefore, the company is not eligible for the 180 day compliance period and the Panel will notify the company of its newly scheduled hearing date in the coming days.
"From smart LED lighting that will help travelers navigate the gate area to new hearing and counter loops for hard-of-hearing guests, our airport promises to be one of the most traveler-friendly facilities of its kind in the nation."
Sgt Andrew Gavaghan would "abuse a junior soldier" every day, Theresa Sanderson told the new hearing on the death of Private Sean Benton, 20, at Deepcut army base.
The ruling was postponed, with a new hearing set for September 18.
Describing the decision to accede to the Best team's request as being "in the best interests of racing", a spokesman for the authority said the decision to appoint Louis Weston in place of McPherson for the proceedings - which are due to commence on Monday week - in no way vindicated the objections and was taken purely to ensure the new hearing did not suffer any delay.
Menlo Park, CAs start-up, Earlens Corp., has developed a revolutionary new hearing aid that uses light to transmit sound rather than small speakers.
In their latest appeal at the state level, Masterson's lawyers asked for a new hearing to challenge the constitutionality of a statute that allows the state to keep execution drug manufacturers secret.
The court's ruling came after it rejected the appeals the defendants have submitted against the Criminal Court's ruling in May 2015, in a new hearing, to become an irreversible verdict in any way of litigation.
Jeremy Summers has been appointed as the independent judicial officer for the new hearing.