new idea

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Mary did not ask where the library was, because she was suddenly inspired by a new idea.
If he were to go now, it would merely be out of curiosity, but a sudden, new idea had come into his head.
The utility of a Confederacy, as well to suppress faction and to guard the internal tranquillity of States, as to increase their external force and security, is in reality not a new idea.
His new idea was to use the faculties of Oolanga, so far as he could, in the service of discovery.
Presently he drew himself up and looked fixedly out of the window, apparently turning over some new idea in his mind.
The woman's coarse warning actually proved useful to me; it started a new idea in my mind
Thus it happened that when Bell invented the telephone, he surprised the world with a new idea.
Major Fitz-David had started a new idea in my mind.
It was a new idea, and he bent himself to the Fletcherizing of it.
but a new idea, and I have dozens of them," said Joe; "if we could only manage to capture a team of live eagles, we could hitch them to the balloon, and they'd haul us through the air
This was such a new idea to Alice, that she was quite silent for a minute or two, which gave the Pigeon the opportunity of adding, `You're looking for eggs, I know THAT well enough; and what does it matter to me whether you're a little girl or a serpent?
Her uncle and aunt were all amazement; and the embarrassment of her manner as she spoke, joined to the circumstance itself, and many of the circumstances of the preceding day, opened to them a new idea on the business.

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