new outbreak

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While I was still vainly trying to establish order, I heard a frightful yelling on the other side of the courtyard, and at once ran towards the cries, in dread of finding some new outbreak of the pillage in that direction.
The judges were looking for a new outbreak from the benches.
NERC added: "With the lessons learned from this outbreak, the country has the rapid response capacity and strategies that work to respond to any new outbreak.
The new outbreak was confirmed at a duck farm in the southwestern city of Yeongam, 330 kilometers from Seoul, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.
There has been a new outbreak in Kerouane but we have sent in a team to contain it," said Aboubacar Sikidi Diakite, head of Guinea's Ebola task force.
Minted in ne silver, the new outbreak of war coin is limited to an issue of 250,000.
Talks were initiated by Germany following a new outbreak of violence which began in eastern Ukraine after the latest ceasefire ended.
MORE women should be offered home births, say medical experts - a statement which has prompted a new outbreak of hostilities between the medicalised and the natural childbirth brigades.
Pupils at a South Wales school will be given the triple vaccine as health chiefs act to avert a new outbreak of the potentially fatal illness.
A MOTHER who lost her little girl to measles nearly 44 years ago told yesterday how the new outbreak in Wales had brought back all her heartache flooding back.
The talks turned on the need to increase consultations and co-ordination between Tunisia and Algeria about various mutual interest issues and especially the issue of security within the context of the new outbreak of threats resulting from the Malian crisis and the deployment of some armed groups in the Sahel and Sahara region.
Summary: Hillary Clinton has urged an end to the new outbreak of violence in Northern Ireland during her eighth visit to the country.

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