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Specifically, we owe it to potential newbies to warn them they run the risk of becoming an astrogeek.
As a 10-year veteran of the classroom, I get frustrated by the term newbie.
I just would have liked it written more to my newbie audience level, or at least with some more small steps down to the newbie level along the way.
Looking at this particular newbie, I had some concerns, which led to thoughts on what strategies my friend -- and the newbie -- could adopt that would bring them into safe harbor.
Here's a quick course in Netspeak and Netiquette to help take you from newbie to Net god.
Sentence was deferred on Porter, now of Newbie, Dumfries-shire, for reports.
It's a smart show with an impressive cast--you'll be particularly taken by newbie Matthew Long (Jack).
If you have a hassle with this, you will enjoy telling a newbie to English how to pronounce vaseline v.
Worthy, but not quite as interesting as its other newbie, the MPS.
The second thing you'll need as a newbie is a good bar guide.