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More than 80 per cent of newborn deaths are the result of premature birth, complications during labour and delivery and infections such as sepsis, meningitis and pneumonia.
While new parents like Bella and Dennis cannot prepare for conditions such as CHD, newborn screening makes it possible for babies to be tested for complications shortly after birth.
The South Asia Health Atlas reveals that challenges relating to newborn health, and also to under-immunisation remain in the region.
We will continue to sustain our efforts to achieve a 100-percent accomplishment for the screening of newborn babies so that possible congenital illnesses could be detected and proper medical attention could be provided.
Both head hypothermia and whole-body hypothermia are effective techniques for the treatment of newborn encephalopathy.
Factors contributing to the growth of newborn screening equipment market includes the rise to incidence of newborn diseases, increasing awareness among the population base results in growth of market, rise in demand for newborn diagnosis, technological advancements to propel the growth of the market, market is growing as new entrants entering the market and government initiatives to bolster the growth of the market
While we've seen advancements in maternal and newborn health these past fifteen years, comparatively maternal and newborn survival have not progressed as quickly as other health goals," said Mariam Claeson, director of the Maternal, Newborn and Child Health programme at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
5 million newborn and stillborn babies who die every year enter and leave the world without a piece of paper; this lack of registration and official recognition reflects acceptance of these deaths as inevitable.
This may lead to development of newborn sepsis, they said.
At the 46 facilities where newborn circumcision was available, the procedure was typically provided in response to parents' request (38 hospitals); less commonly, respondents reported that circumcision was performed for medical indications (12 hospitals) or on a physician's advice (five hospitals).
The experts evaluated scientific and medical information related to screened conditions and recommended a uniform screening panel of 29 core (or primary) conditions to be included in state newborn screening panels: 20 inborn errors of metabolism, three hemoglobinopathies, and six other conditions (4).