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When scientist Robert Guthrie discovered a blood test for detecting PKU in newborns in the 1960's, he had no idea the impact it would have.
According to the new insights, the average newborn baby receives 14 gifts when they're born, worth a total of [pounds sterling]252.
Serious infections are a major cause of illness and death among newborns and young children across the world.
Newborn mortality now makes up the majority of all under-five deaths, despite the existence of proven, cost-effective interventions that could save the lives of hundreds of thousands more women and newborns each year.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 40 to100 new cases of SCID are identified in newborns in the United States each year.
Washington, May 20 ( ANI ): New data on global newborn deaths and stillbirths show 5.
The results were disseminated from the platform of Advocacy and Advisory Network for Newborns (AANN) in collaboration with Save the Children's EVERY ONE Campaign at Islamabad.
Association between regular exercise and excessive newborn birth weight.
A central and fascinating aspect of newborn screening is the concept of 'treatability'.
The full report, "Opportunities for Africa's Newborns," is available from <www.
On March 28, the knitting group members distributed their first batch of new blankets to patients receiving chemotherapy in the cancer center and to mothers with their newborn babies in the maternity ward.
The first CF newborn screening program began in Colorado in 1983 followed by Wisconsin in 1985.