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In terms of the conditions of the transaction, with the signing of the Share Purchase Agreement Newest Capital becomes a fully owned subsidiary of Senkadagala Finance and once the transition of affairs are completed Newest Capital Limited will be fully absorbed by Senkadagala Finance as directed by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.
The holiday spectacular also further highlights Time Warner Center as New York City's newest destination for corporate and civic events.
The newest commercials are scheduled to air sometime after September.
Keeping with that tradition, we have invested in the newest and fastest technology.
NCL is on target to have the youngest fleet in the industry by 2010, providing guests the opportunity to enjoy the flexibility of Freestyle Cruising on the newest, most contemporary ships at sea.
In addition to its newest shop at 345 Avenue of the Americas, Cold Stone Creamery, currently has over 900 stores across the country and more than 1,000 locations under development.
corkscrew coaster, Magic Mountain's newest, was closed after a fatal accident.
The newest addition to the mobile AMD Athlon XP processor family gives business and home consumers greater choices in the notebook PC market with solutions they can rely on for true, high-performance computing.
UEI will continue to provide VIZIO with innovative control solutions for the newest line of plasma and LCD HDTVs due out in early 2007.
An F/A-22 Raptor, the Air Force's newest fighter that is undergoing tests at Edwards, will be making its first flight demonstration at a public air show, although a Raptor was briefly seen at Edwards' 1999 air show.
Pace Micro Technology, a dedicated, global set-top box developer supplying the world's largest television service providers, today announced it has integrated its newest set-top boxes with C-COR's On Demand platform including C-COR's n5[TM] and n5C video servers and nABLE[TM] back office management system.