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NEW. Something not known before.
     2. To be patented, an invention must be new. When an invention has been described in a printed book which has been publicly circulated, and afterwards a person takes out a patent for it, his patent is invalid, because the invention was not new, 7 Mann' & Gr. 818. See New and Useful Invention.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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You see, reformation and religious activity or any other newfangled fix won't get rid of sin from our lives any more than it will rid a windshield of a flaw.
Newfangled broke down in the Group 2 Lowther Stakes at York on Thursday and was instantly pulled up by William Buick after little more than a furlong.
John Ferguson, racing advisor for Newfangled's owner Princess Haya of Jordan, said on Friday morning: "The vets are still investigating at this stage.
Equine specialist Gary Witheford, who had assisted with Newfangled since she had been taken to the vets on Thursday night, tweeted: "Sad to report Newfangled was put down today as her pelvis wasn't going to heal sufficiently."
The merit of that form is possibly open to question, but Newfangled could do little more than win and looks a decent prospect.
NEW TO THE GAME J Newfangled can be year's top filly
There was a minor scare as Newfangled sustained a cut to a hind leg during the race, but the injury has cleared up in time for her to make the Royal meeting.
And I never hear mentioned the hidden benefit of all this newfangled stuff: It brings instrument flying up to a whole new level by bringing the pilot right into the panel.
Frankly, it's enough to make us wonder if we should delve a little deeper into all this newfangled technology.
I too am in awe of today's computers and their capabilities [see, "Kids and Their Newfangled Computers," Editor's Corner, MAN, Vol.
Full-time heating engineer and self-described "tinkerer" Bill Moxon came up with his newfangled, grip-friendly pen in the late 1990s.
Crewmen, newfangled devices and shortcuts are not the way to clean your tank's gun tube.