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NEW. Something not known before.
     2. To be patented, an invention must be new. When an invention has been described in a printed book which has been publicly circulated, and afterwards a person takes out a patent for it, his patent is invalid, because the invention was not new, 7 Mann' & Gr. 818. See New and Useful Invention.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Hostility and resistance to newness is the reason they deride ObyEzekwesili and are hostile to Omoyele Sowore, Kingsley Moghalu, Tope Fasua and every other non-establishment candidate.
Embracing newness as a mandate for spiritual growth isn't a Pauline principle alone.
It's a modern curse needing newness so regularly, and while a ban on shopping is too dramatic for me to consider, I do plan to approach my purchases with caution.
The quest for newness involves adding new products, of course, and anticipating trends.
"The idea that newness itself is a socially constructed process, that there are no natural edges in media, reminds us that historical corners like the one [Ithiel de Sola] Pool [(1990, p.
This newness of life that we experience each spring can be a part of our attitude all year long if we seek to put it in our hearts and on our faces.
Newness is less a matter of seeking to do something that has never been done before than it is a byproduct of practices that embrace and even fuse art with other disciplines, explorations, and fields of study.
The research also explores whether the three approaches (interactive team, supplier-supplier connection and modular design) have differing relationships with system quality and product development efficiency, depending upon the degree of technological newness of the interdependent components.
The dictionary definition of repent: "To feel such sorrow for sin as produces newness of life."
FAITH BEARS WITNESS to abrupt, trans-formative newness that it cannot explain.
Thoughts of newness, in one way or another, will be on the minds of many.
business development manager investigated customer integration strategies and their causes and effects in terms of the degree of newness of the products developed.