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The largest portal then said it will stop selecting and arranging news articles on its main portal page and news section from the third quarter and will instead give each media company authority to select and arrange its stories to be displayed on the portal.
What is the correlation between stock price movement and financial news article release?
Fresh News posted a news article to its Facebook account about a Hun Sen speech that was critical of the US bombing of Cambodia in the 1970s.
Features for user-generated content: 1=posting comment adjacent to a news article, 2=sharing the news article through Facebook, and 3=sharing the news article through Twitter.
The advantage of this data set is that it contains news articles and press releases that have appeared on the screens of traders, and therefore, is a direct source of data to proxy for the attention of professional investors.
The fake news article, which claims that NASA has announced that there will be straight 15 days of darkness in 2015,is doing rounds on different social networks after the web site Newswatch33 published it.
Facebook has previously said it wants to reduce the time it takes for news articles to load from other sites, giving a more seamless reading experience.
When compared to actual news articles, newspaper columns were observed to use the most hate speech.
And then we calculate a user's utility on news item by a greedy strategy and rank the recommended list through the popularity of news article in a special subclass and the news article's recency.
FAST introduces a unique approach to prediction by integrating different user interactions to a news article, including website visits, social media reactions, and search and referrals in order to forecast the number of page views an article will receive during its effective lifetime, which is approximately three days for most articles.
This refers to the valuable suggestion in Khalid's letter 'Comment chance?' (GDN, March 1) proposing a readers' comments section on each news article on the GDN's e-paper and it deserves very positive consideration.
URLs to the articles were provided, so it was relatively easy to view the actual news article.