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com (Sofia News Agency) published its 100 000th news article (paradoxically, it was about Novinite.
Basically, if the difficulty parameters of the appeared vocabularies in the learned English news article are larger than the current learner vocabulary ability, then these corresponding English vocabularies will be served as likely new vocabularies to show for the learner.
News articles can also be shared via social media by using INQSNAP.
See 12/6/96 Daily News Article by Schaye & Finnegan).
In the May 2004 toxacogenomics news article "Diet and DNA" [Environ Health Perspect 112:A404 (2004)], the European Nutrigenomics Organisation (NuGO) was described as "a network of 22 scientists" when in fact it is a network of 22 organizations.
To read a news article along with a chart on high school sports' participation, go to this ESPN Web site: http://sports.
John Campbell was quoted in a May 28 San Jose Mercury News article .
Michael Nelson was quoted in an April 9 San Jose Mercury News article .