news blackout

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New Delhi [India], Aug 13 (ANI): Congress on Tuesday expressed concern over the "clampdown", "news blackout" and "reports of excesses" in Jammu and Kashmir and said the government should convene an all-party meeting to take the opposition into confidence over the situation there.
They can see what is being shown over RTM news,' he told reporters when responding to RTM's statement yesterday on denying any deliberate news blackout against the Sarawak chief minister or any of his state Cabinet members.
We'll do our best to keep you informed despite the news blackout.
Officers swooped on the on-the-run sex attacker in Belfast on Wednesday, which helped to end the news blackout and allow his story to emerge.
de Lima has filed a resolution calling for a Senate investigation into the news blackout in war-stricken Marawi that has kept media from covering and reporting the real crisis in the province.
A news blackout on any campaigning and media coverage seen as a bid to sway the election was imposed on Friday at midnight and is due to last until 8pm today.
Jordan's government has portrayed it as a "terrorist attack," suggesting Islamic militancy as a motive, but then clamped a news blackout on the case.
Greece was hit with a news blackout yesterday as the country's journalists walked off the job over a controversial pension reform, a day before a general strike on the same issue.
However, Cihan has always played an important role as it accurately announces a significant portion of the results after the election news blackout ends," AksE-nger stated.
The blitz was so serious, it prompted Prime Minister Winston Churchill to impose a news blackout.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The ISIL terrorist group is banning private internet access in its Syrian bastion Raqqa, forcing residents and even its own fighters to use internet cafes where they can be monitored in an attempt to impose a news blackout on what is going on inside Raqqa city, activists said.
Kuwait has imposed a news blackout on an investigation into the tape, saying that media coverage about it was damaging to the country.