news blackout

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However, Cihan has always played an important role as it accurately announces a significant portion of the results after the election news blackout ends," AksE-nger stated.
The blitz was so serious, it prompted Prime Minister Winston Churchill to impose a news blackout.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The ISIL terrorist group is banning private internet access in its Syrian bastion Raqqa, forcing residents and even its own fighters to use internet cafes where they can be monitored in an attempt to impose a news blackout on what is going on inside Raqqa city, activists said.
Kuwait has imposed a news blackout on an investigation into the tape, saying that media coverage about it was damaging to the country.
Gardai put a news blackout in place shortly after the alarm was raised at lunchtime yesterday.
Kuwaiti media had been banned from covering the probe after the attorney general in April ordered a news blackout.
KUWAIT CITY - A Kuwaiti judge Sunday ordered two newspapers to close for two weeks for breaking a news blackout on a videotape allegedly showing former senior officials plotting a coup, a legal source said.
Harry has twice served in Afghanistan with British forces, but his 2008 tour as an infantryman calling in air strikes on the Taliban was cut short after 10 weeks when foreign media broke a strict news blackout and announced he was there.
com/5969029/richard-engel-is-missing-in-syria-nbc-news-enforces-news-blackout) Gawker is reporting that NBC has asked inquiring reporters to agree to a news blackout regarding Engel.
The shooting happened on October 14 but news of the attack has only emerged now because Belgian police imposed a news blackout.
The shooting is understood to have happened on October 14, but news about the attack has only emerged now after Belgian police imposed a news blackout, reports said.
After the ceremony, which was covered by a news blackout, Una and Ben, 26, were driven to Kilshane House for the reception and an exclusive magazine shoot.