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While some schools may have had the foresight to begin preparing their students for the challenges ahead by offering multi-media courses, the harsh truth is that the news business can no longer support the number of journalism/mass communications graduates being produced each year.
Second, it goes beyond the mere idea that the news business is rotten.
Beginning next weekend, the Sunday and Monday editions of the Daily News Business section are changing to focus on two important issues to consumers and businesspeople: technology and finance.
com, founded in 1998, quickly become a major player in the Internet news business achieving a web traffic rate of over 1.
As a result, NBN customers benefit because NBN is able to deliver news content faster, giving public relations agencies and their clients an important competitive advantage in the lightning-paced, non-stop news business.
Murrow Award is the 'Oscar' of the news business, and it's a thrill to see so many of our customers receive this kind of recognition for their efforts," said David Schleifer, director of Avid Broadcast.
She left the news business to become public relations manager for the Fort Wayne International Airport where she produced a television documentary that won national honors by the Airports Council International.
Stuart Ross, Chief Technical Officer at Motion Media Technology, stated, "Successfully applying videoconferencing to the news business meant facing several challenges.
Having been in the TV news business for longer than I'd like to remember, this relationship makes so much sense," said Severson, INNX health correspondent.
Due to the nature of the news business, there can be no guarantee that Mr.
Strauss served in a number of capacities at ABC, starting as a staff financial analyst for the ABC News business office and continued moving up to manager of financial planning and analysis before leaving as the associate director of strategic planning and financial analysis.
The devotion of UPI's journalists is unmatched in the news business," De Borchgrave said.