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It means that as well as worrying about the decline of print media and how to diversify their revenue streams, news gatherers also need to make sure they're enticing followers, but not overdoing it to the point where they risk being edited out of the frame.
The Kardashian-Jenner sisters have been the biggest news gatherers over the past few days.
But they aren't news gatherers, so using that business model as a way to justify charging newspapers is like comparing apples with pears.
They said preparations had been made to host the mega conference, which is aimed at improving the performance of news agencies as they are the key news gatherers despite the emergence of new media means.
In light of recent events in the Middle East, news gatherers need the ability to report and broadcast events in poor coverage and remote areas," noted Gary Hatch, CEO, ATCi.
Its features are applicable for everyone from war fighters to the news gatherers, from explorers to ship passengers, and from military transport to unmanned drones.
FOR MONTHS, we heard how the privacy, mostly that of celebrities, was violated by over-zealous news gatherers using unscrupulous methods and devices and Lord Leveson wasted no time in putting forward his recommendation for muzzling the press hounds.
Photographers are news gatherers, and must be granted appropriate access to do their job.
Media customers from news channels, news gatherers and radio stations bore witness to live video transmission by coupling two Thuraya IP terminals which resulted in registering speeds up to 512Kbps.
Many of these eclectic news gatherers who sell Bahrain short, have operated in a world in which they write what they want to hear.
If there is one thing that infuriated Bahrainis during the height of the unrest was the way so many international news gatherers couldn't grasp the fact that not all protests have to take place in squares.
The IFJ calls upon media organisations to develop protocols for the coverage of insurgency-related violence that ensure the safety of news gatherers while safeguarding the public's right to information," IFJ Asia -Pacific Director Jacqueline Park said.