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The 15-night mini survey showed that both TV stations were suspiciously similar in that both had a bias of 60% towards news items located south of the Tyne, in fact a total of only 23 % were classified as north of Tyne with Cumbria/ Scotland/ general accounting for the remaining 17 %.
The newspaper on Wednesday morning received a number of telephone calls regarding the news item.
While there's no way of knowing whether these two news items are directly connected, what's obvious to most people by now is that as women have climbed the corporate ladder, sent their kids to daycare, and struggled to balance work, family and the redefinition of gender roles, it has been the kids who have suffered most and worst.
Write what you like about me, you know more about me than I know about myself" - the modest-to-a-fault trainer George Stewart speaking to the press after his News Item had won the big race of the day
It is ironic that this news item should appear there, as we Canadians do not enjoy the rights of our American friends protected by the Second Amendment of your Constitution.
Crowfoot, writing from Eastbourne, East Sussex, England, who sent in a copy of the news item, wrote to the Journal "I was rather surprised but also thrilled" to see the item and picture.
A viewer called police to report that Stapleton, 56, had drugs in the London studio after he held up a bag of cannabis during a news item.
In the November 2001 issue an error appeared in an Industry News item titled "Deere & Co.
The helpful graph, the tidbit of data, that breaking news item that illustrates the depth and importance of your mission as head of sales, information boss or chief of finance.
An organization called the Guest Choice Network, according to a news item last May in the Washington Times.
com), is a case in point: Here it's an earth-shattering news item when a notary's stamp on the back of L.
ISLAMABAD -- International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) has strongly rebutted a news item published in a section of press about DAESH (IS) presence at IIUI and allegations of insecurity at varsity and termed it as baseless and untrue.