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The typical progression of a news story from reporter to editor to copy editor to online editor to designer moves briskly, but sometimes the news is faster.
Though some analyses involve materials from online news galleries and reports of particular issues/events, most of the data come from one particular news type, namely, the image-nuclear news story. I doubt that this type of news represents most types of multisemiotic news stories in photojournalism.
The news story did not mention the entrepreneur's name.
--Statement from the California State Northridge Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies following a FOX News story on the school's controversial mural depicting an upside down American flag and a border agent with fangs
But is it a good news story for everyone all round?
Nearly 54 percent of respondents who read a news story of a mass shooting thought persons with serious mental illness were likely to be dangerous, compared to 40 percent in the control group.
Her awards included first place for Environmental Reporting and another first-place prize for General News Story, which she shared with three other reporters.
In a news story titled "The protector of Turkey's national interests", Dnevni Avaz wrote that Erdogan would not let certain circles with political goals to write history.
Catholic News Service selected the introduction of the English translation of the Roman Missal as the top news story, according to its annual poll of clients.
If news story just tells about some meeting, this will be mere information," the CEC member explained.
What's relevant is that this news story, reported from official sources, misses everything and gets everything wrong: the facts of the murder, the manner in which the killing happened, who the bad guy was, the good guy, how it was perceived by the crew, and what it meant politically.
Sky Sports News yesterday offered a perfect example, With a massive breaking news story already running on their ticker, they were hit by the bombshell news that an as yet-unidentified woman had been rushed to hospital from Tiger Woods's house.