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Including information about proposed gun restrictions for persons with serious mental illness or a ban on large-capacity magazines in a news story did not affect attitudes towards the mentally ill compared with the story describing a shooting that didn't mention a policy response.
Sources said that Prime Minister Erdogan's litigation against the Daily Telegraph over the news story was in the process and that, with the Daily Telegraph's apology, the case may end.
The essence of a good news story could just be that people need to be able to relate to what is being said.
The DOJ argues that the central issue is whether the news story advocates a particular position--regardless of whether it contains a disclaimer.
The news story reported a major problem involving an obscure regulation that allegedly allowed for-profit nursing homes to gain major increases in their Medicaid payments simply when seniors transfer homes to their children.
In the typical hard-news story and hard-news sidebar, where the source's voice is obscured by the overpowering voice of the journalist as narrator, the reader is offered little more than basic facts, which provide little motivation for the reader to perceive the subject of the news story as an individual.
Now approaching my wit's end, I called the Costa Rican affiliate of KPMG, which, according to the news story, did some accounting work for Camelot.
Ironically on the same day a truly major news story played second fiddle to the sexy Paula Jones item.
They suggested I write a poem in response to a news story in a city I visited during the month.
The survey also reveals that the vast majority of adults (82%) have interacted around a news story online via comments, and 83% of all respondents are comfortable commenting on any variety of news sites.
s Radar Online earned seven awards at the 2014 National Arts & Entertainment Journalism Awards including top honors for Investigative Story of the Year (any platform) for the site's coverage of the Paula Deen racism scandal and Celebrity News Story of the Year (online) for uncovering Michael Jackson's secret diary.
NEW YORK, Dec 6, 2010 (TUR) -- In a full page news story on Turkish province of Istanbul, one of the U.