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We'll reserve the NewsFlash for major events, so you don't have to worry about us clogging your e-mail with unimportant announcements.
Hardly a day goes by without some newsflash about the latest research on vitamin you-name-it or the mineral-of-the-month.
The Newsflash series was designed by McAuley and Rusty Todd, a University of Texas at Austin journalism professor.
Although a newsflash was issued by WebWorld reporting the problems had been resolved, the mail backlog prevented many users from accessing their mailboxes for a further two days.
So I'll try but surely fail to protect you: from gory newsflash, from cartoon carnage, from my own extravagant past, and for as long as humanly possible, from the landmines awaiting your quickening tread.
The industry is in its infancy, embryonic, or perhaps best characterized as amoebic," confirms David Tune, managing director of Newsflash, a European VNR pioneer.
The presenter gave GMTV viewers a newsflash when she opened her jacket to reveal a T-shirt with the message "Vote Darius" at the end of her show.
Contract notice: Construction interschool sports center newsflash water education and sailors street.
Newsflash to celebs: When you take a naked picture, delete it afterwards.
Because - newsflash - women can look good AND be clever.
com)-- Mobile gaming studio Dreamkind announces the UK premiere of Newsflash, the social game where players challenge their friends to answer trivia questions based on the latest music, movies, politics, TV, celebrity gossip, sports, and other trending topics.
But, here is a newsflash, people the world over can be, and sometimes are, rude - just because they are, not because they hate your language or your nationality.