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A brave, dedicated newsman is dead and his killer must be brought to justice.
Records also indicate, as reported in the Kansas City Star, that "media mogul Ted Turner, National Basketball Association player Scottie Pippen and Sam Donaldson, an ABC newsman, continue to get subsidies.
COURSE specialist The Newsman is napped to record his seventh victory around Fontwell Park's unique figure-of-eight circuit today.
The Newsman can hit the headlines in the Leslie Hooper 60th Birthday Handicap Chase following a fine effort at Ascot last time.
None of the geeks are yet household names, though some are likely to be in time, while the geezer list has many prominent names in industry and the arts -- architect Frank Gehry, newsman Mike Wallace, former basketball coach John Wooden, stockbroker Muriel Siebert.
For the last 30 years I've been a public figure, as a mayor, a newsman and a talk show host.
Veteran CBS newsman Bernard Goldberg writes that network news not only has a liberal slant, but revels in it.
Writing of the synod's final published message, which Kaiser said "didn't have anything to say about the single most disputed point on the synod floor and in the synod's coffee bars--how the church can make its governance more democratic," he asked, "Am I just being a newsman when I insist that people (particularly bishops) don't debate unless there's something worth debating about?
There is the collage of thirteen camera clicks covering not over a minute or two during which Alex Wilson, a black newsman, is shown first walking toward Central High, then overtaken by half a dozen jeering white men, and then punched and kicked, and finally ridden to the ground walking, not hurrying, steadfastly refusing to surrender to his assailants' command, "Run, nigger, run
British Bakeries has joined up with children's charity NCH to launch a three month amnesty when it will donate 1 [pounds sterling] for every returned bread basket, and has roped in TV newsman Alastair Stewart to highlight the initiative.
It is edited by Tris Coffin, a veteran newsman and close friend of mine.
And BBC newsman Peter Sissons said: "It'd take a brave man to move a national institution.