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While talking to newsmen, the protesting employees including Muhammad Aslam Abbasi and others said that they have been deprived of their salaries since past seven months due to which they are facing many hardships, while the concerned authorities have turned a blind eye to the matter despite their several complaints.
Cerillo told newsmen that his recent supply was a 'brick' of marijuana that cost P5,000.
Zeliang later told newsmen he would face the floor test on July 21.
Sumonu Abdulmalik, Yobe Commissioner of Police, who spoke to newsmen after the meeting, said the army and police were jointly investigating the incident to ensure that it did not happen again.
The TV camera and newsmen earlier crowded outside to cover the meeting of the two top leaders as Bangladesh's volatile politics exposed them to extreme hostility in the past three weeks.
Drilon may have been thinking of a case in 1956 when five newsmen were sentenced to jail for refusing to reveal the source of their information that Justice and Defense Secretary Oscar Castelo would be found guilty of murder.
The Acting Brigade Commander, Colonel Ibrahim Yusuf, told newsmen in Maiduguri that the Army would appreciate a bloodless end to the lingering insurgence in the country.
Some folk in high office and even locals who stepped off the mark, They couldn't escape the newsmen who made sure we were not left in the dark.
Stating visit purpose, Gemayel told newsmen that he preferred Saad Hariri as Prime Minister in Lebanon' s forthcoming government since he proved more apt than others.
Conveying this to newsmen at Vellore , Superintendent of the Vellore Central Prison (VCP) said that the petitions would be sent through the IG of Prisons to the President.
Summary: Jane Asher and newsmen John Stapleton and Jeremy Paxman are donating their brains to Parkinson's research.
He rather blithely admits that recklessness in a source is a good thing, that nuance is the enemy of good television, that newsmen love news no matter who it hurts.