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But perhaps you think it does not matter who writes the newspapers, for the newspaper is not literature.
Crayford removed the cover from her newspaper as usual.
In your place, I should not have exposed myself to be shot, with no other object in view than describing a battle in a newspaper.
I'd like to know why we couldn't get up as good a newspaper as they have in town
The first San Francisco newspaper to which I mailed it never acknowledged receipt of the manuscript, but held on to it.
THE gentleman raised his eyes above his newspaper and looked curiously at Jemima--
He may, in short, have been any one from a millionaire to a newspaper man.
The waiter, in his corner, was absorbed over a second newspaper.
He had attempted to reply to the previous newspaper attack, but now he remained silent.
The ten dollars for which Martin had sold "Treasure Hunters" to the Chicago newspaper did not come to hand.
So, gathering up his hat and newspaper, he stalked solemnly behind the landlord to that humble apartment, and throwing himself on a settle by the fireside, resumed his countenance of scorn, and began to read and drink in silent dignity.
Seating himself in a wicker rocker which was there, he once more applied himself to the task of reading the newspaper.