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MediaNews, the nation's seventh-largest newspaper publisher, is the parent company that owns the Daily News and operates eight newspapers in the Southern California market as the Los Angeles Newspaper Group.
Seattle's jacked-up prices are a logical consequence of letting the federal government "protect" local newspaper markets.
In a study of 1,500 18-to-34-year-olds released September 28, 2004 by the Newspaper Association of America Foundation, 62 percent of young adults who had a class where newspapers were distributed and used as part of the curriculum say they read a weekday newspaper regularly.
A newspaper is the ``common denominator'' to bring together increasingly fractured communities, he said, and his papers will take an active role in local issues of the day.
G2 Discovery currently includes automated list creation and campaign tools customized to newspaper data and application needs.
From a newspaper I can know what's going on around the town.
Lee's newspaper online sites reach more than two million users, and Lee's weekly publications have distribution of more than 4.
If I could design my own newspaper it would be called the Everyday News.
I've always said that I wanted to return to teaching some day, and I've also thought about other roles in the newspaper industry.
Travidia is excited to be working with The Denver Newspaper Agency on building out our innovative AdScripter technology," said Viv Neti, Travidia's vice president of client services.
I'm extremely excited about this opportunity to return to my home state as publisher of a newspaper as terrific as the Wisconsin State Journal," he said.
The Pulitzer Prize-winning Los Angeles Times is the largest metropolitan daily newspaper in the country, with a daily readership of nearly 2.