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Parson Brownlow, newspaper editor and Methodist preacher
In addition to the national syndicated packages, Sun-Times Features offers five packages to Midwest newspaper editor subscribers.
Former Newspaper Editor Marty Steffens, veteran of several award-winning and a Pulitzer-nominated project, helps you craft story concepts that leap from the pages.
And, of course, there's that famous bit of dialogue from John Ford's ``The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance,'' penned by James Warner Bellah and Willis Goldbeck, ``This is the West, sir,'' a newspaper editor (Carlton Young) informs Sen.
The 39-year-old actress, who stars in the new Barry Levinson thriller, ``Sphere,'' exchanged vows Saturday night in Beverly Hills with San Francisco newspaper editor Phil Bronstein, her publicist said Sunday.
Cantu is a newspaper editor in Dallas; Castellanos is a freelance artist in West Palm Beach, FL.
Rafiq Shahir, a lawyer, human rights advocate, and independent newspaper editor who lives in the western city of Herat.
Russian delegates will include Aeroflot airline Chief Executive Valery Okulov, Izvestia newspaper editor Igor Golembiesky, Russian Parliament members Pavel Medvedev and Pavel Bunich, and Yeltsin assistant Sergei Karaganov.
He was very broad-minded and working to unify all the black organizations,'' said Donald Woods, a white former newspaper editor whose friendship with Biko was depicted in the 1987 British film ``Cry Freedom.
A former newspaper editor confessed to his readers that an addiction to instant lottery tickets forced him to sell his paper and finally drove him to loot a Christmas fund he created 25 years ago.
The letter congratulates a young lawmaker and newspaper editor who had just been married.
This was a big case, so the masses' reaction was very serious,'' said Hu, the newspaper editor who doubles as the deputy chief of propaganda for the Communist Party committee in Zhongshan.

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