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He won more than 40 major journalism awards, and was named "MasterReporter" by the New England Society of Newspaper Editors.
As a daily newspaper editor and an Anglo-Lutheran Franciscan, I am thoroughly familiar with the argument that religion has long been relegated to the back pages, except when there has been a sexual issue.
Rhonda Swan is a newspaper editor in Delaware and a mother of three.
He has served the army for 22 years as a journalist and photographer, newspaper editor, speechwriter, and public affairs specialist.
a thoughtful newspaper editor, a young African American girl, a Jewish child, and others.
Hemphill's career began as a newspaper editor in Joliet, Ill., then moving on to become news service director for the Illinois Farm Bureau.
Among the positions held by the 233 women who responded to the survey were chancellor; newspaper editor or communications director; director of finance, stewardship, or business: director of human resources; tribunal director or member; educational administrator; and social service administrator.
We admire the courageous newspaper editor who in the same year her friend Thomas Moss was lynched in Memphis published an editorial that declared: "Nobody in this section believes that old threadbare lie that Negro men assault white women.
Would a striking, perhaps puzzling image convince a newspaper editor to include a science story among the disasters and scandals of the day?
He served as a newspaper editor in Newark, later conducting <IR> SCRIBNER'S MONTHLY </IR> (1870-81), and The Century Magazine (1881-1909).
As a journalist and newspaper editor, the author possesses a strong awareness of politics and politicians, and he uses that knowledge to write humorous pen sketches of 35 personalities, both national and international.

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