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It was a good newspaper headline and a sound bite on television.
THIS newspaper headline summed up the feelings of the world after the terrible events of last September.
7,000 booked motorists is a good newspaper headline, but detection rates are falling and violent crime is on the increase.
Nothing is accidental in Dobai's carefully staged, digitally tweaked photographs-- neither the crumpled paper bag littering the floor in Into the Desert, the hair band and mug ring on the windowsill in Gordon, nor the fragment of newspaper headline reading LEADER CALLS FOR UNITY in Red Room.
Pat Schroeder of Colorado, which called the federal response to teen AIDS a "national disgrace" and which prompted the Honolulu newspaper headline, claimed that not only was there an explosion of new teenage cases but of infections as well.
The track is out on May 27 and will have the famous original cover of the Queen with eyes and mouth covered in newspaper headline letters.
The canvas itself bears an image of a canoe (a traditional symbol of trade), as well as the newspaper headline "It's a Steal.
Named by owner Peter Savill after an infamous newspaper headline decrying his - subsequently correct - decision to run his best horse, Celtic Swing, in the French Derby rather than Epsom, the selection is very much a plodder rather than Flat star.
A local newspaper headline read, ``Snow Falls and Tears Fall for Our Danny.
Leir was born in 1935 in San Francisco and first became interested in UFOs in 1947, when his father showed the family a newspaper headline announcing the U.
A newspaper headline today said we are out of business and that's just not true," Peterson declared.
Any reminder, a newspaper headline or a television commercial, would have brought McCain back to his moment of misery, when a self-described mental lapse caused him to fall from the high bar during the final round of the Olympic Trials.