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But when a column of news was sent by telephone to The Boston Globe, the whole newspaper world was agog with excitement.
Therefore, the ink-stained wretches of the newspaper world must still fork over their hard-earned cash at the usual tax rates.
14, according to whispers circulating in the newspaper world.
He was quite magnificent and we were incredibly lucky to have someone with his profile in the newspaper world and enthusiasm for racing when we were all so inexperienced.
It might seem strange to use a religious reference for a man who was part of the notoriously rascally newspaper world of the early 20th century--think of the Broadway comedy "The Front Page"--and lived in the Hollywood hills.
That ability) to really tell people what these individual events add up to in the aggregate, to identify movements and trend lines that really help readers understand their world in a fuller and more integrated way--I think those skills are uniquely the strength of those newsrooms whose roots are in the legacy newspaper world.
How can the quality of journalism not only survive, but thrive in the post-apocalyptic newspaper world of significantly fewer advertisers, diminished readership, understaffed and overworked editorial departments and parent companies more interested in short-term profit than long-term models of sustainability?
IT IS not often that the opposing political bookends of the British newspaper world, the Daily Mail and the Guardian, find themselves in complete editorial agreement.
Whatever his critical tastes, that says something about his sense of self and the secured position he had within the newspaper world.
His deep pockets, patience and experience in the digital world give him a unique ability to bring to the newspaper world what he has learned from years of marketing on the Internet.
With its lively coverage of newspaper and comic trends and the breakthroughs achieved by those who worked in the newspaper world, this is a fine and different perspective on the subject and any comics collection should consider it a 'must have' acquisition.