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As a newspaperman, he wanted to live in the fast lane in a glamorous way.
A rolled-up Echo comes in useful for Judith Toms' "Ultimate Newspaperman" - or woman...
And for a while, those fingerprints will be visible every day, because Murdoch is first and foremost a newspaperman. He'll be tearing up Page One every evening for a couple of months because he thinks its fun (which it is, if you've ever done it).
Many of his so-called news stories are really extended editorials where the newspaperman expounds on corruption and evil, while also extolling the virtues with which he agrees.
At the invitation of the darts team he played against his deputy private secretary and a newspaperman.
But he's no ordinary newspaperman. He predicted in 1981 that portable flat-panel reader devices called tablets would one day be used to display newspapers, books and other documents.
The famous Irish-American newspaperman, renowned for his interview with John Kennedy's gravedigger, reconstructs Gutierrez's life, describing the dangerous passage he made from the dusty and impoverished town of San Matias in central Mexico to a Brighton Beach apartment sardine-packed with Mexican expatriates.
Masahisa Aoki, a former Environment Agency director general who turned to politics after a career as a newspaperman, died of a heart attack Monday at a hospital in Saitama Prefecture, his family said.
Meyer, a career newspaperman, wrote for The Progressive in the 1940s and 1950s.
Or that a newspaperman named Christopher Sholes invented the typewriter?
By the time Doris Humphrey was five, her father, a newspaperman, and her mother, a graduate of the Boston Conservatory of Music, had been reduced to earning a living by working as manager and housekeeper, respectively, of a seedy theatrical hotel.
In 1888 Nervo began a career as a newspaperman in Mazatlan.