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He was, as we suggested, a newspaperman's newspaperman.
I've been a newspaperman for more than 40 years, and this is the most important and exciting thing I've been involved with.
If you're afraid of going to jail," Sheehan said, "if the fear of Richard Nixon locking you up is going to scare you, you have no business being a newspaperman.
No, really, the Soap Box Derby was dreamed up by a newspaperman named Myron E.
The roots of Citrus Industry Magazine, begun by a former Iowa newspaperman, S.
The first reprints the letters of the famous remittence man, Albert "Bertie" Buzzard-Cholomondeley, while the other contains the adventures of newspaperman Peter J.
She asked a friend, a fellow retired newspaperman, to write my obituary.
The former newspaperman was interested in the story his guests had to tell and he operated as the facilitator between the celebrity and the audience.
He avoids autobiography, but readers will discover the newspaperman, author, columnist, and educator as a tireless crusader who has touched the lives of many.