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It was a dump, but newspapermen could not afford classy places.
was at least adequate, but that, far more importantly, the reporting, and its fundamental research, was especially faithful, and, of course, that my conclusions were honest and fair, for these are the standards by which all newspapermen -- make that journalists -- should be judged.
Spying the assembled newspapermen and camera crews as he prepared to leave in his car after training, he pulled down his sun shield visor, hunched himself in his seat and made out he was the man they were looking for.
But what made this moment so deeply despicable was that Mr King was greeted outside the prison gates by a gushing crowd of TV crews, newspapermen, radio interviewers and photographers.
freedom of speech, (an idea) also invented by German-American newspapermen.
The Press Club will induct WJW FOX 8 meteorologist, Dick Goddard, and veteran newspapermen Norm Mlachak and Bill Tanner, both of The Press.
So newspapermen get down on their knees and thank the Lord.
This exchange takes place between two newspapermen at the end of John Ford's classic western ``The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance'':
Real newspapermen work at night,'' Larry Fowler once said, according to those who worked for him.
Only the other week we were reminded of his discomfort with newspapermen when he recalled how unfair they had been over his encounter with an L.
Wait 30 minutes and narrowly avoid being raped by a very drunk woman who tells me that newspapermen are all bastards and that she thinks I'm secretly English.