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Lorena Hickock, known as Hick, clearly the most important person in Eleanor's life for an extended period, played a role in this transformation in that she came from an ordinary background and, as a newspaperwoman, was well acquainted with life at the grassroots.
Bellows, a newspaperwoman married to a topnotch newspaperman, a sensitive, encompassing compassionate man.
Ah, yes, it is a heavy responsibility to the future that the newspaperman and newspaperwoman contributes by his or her daily effort.
It is a spinoff of Topaz, the popular marriage-of-convenience story of a newspaperwoman and a black Seminole marshal set in the Oklahoma Indian Territory in the late 1880s.
But she was a tremendous newspaperwoman, and I really loved working with her.
Instead of a run-of-the mill reporter and a newspaperwoman raised to her position by a fluke, they are a Jimmy Breslin-like columnist and a globe-trotting war correspondent.
Earlier still, the fourth-generation newspaperwoman was a copy editor at the Waukegan paper and worked on the desk at Lee's Quad-City Times in Davenport, Iowa.
With the impending constitutional convention, the women's rights movement spent little time that session lobbying the suffrage issue or marital property reform, thus leaving the field open for Gordon, a veteran suffragist, newspaperwoman, and lobbyist, and Foltz, a more recently arrived suffragist, to push their agenda.