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Although I am arguing that Eaton's fictional newspaperwoman is best understood as queer, I do not mean to suggest that all of the era's newspaperwomen, real or imagined, must be read as queer.
A Short Ode to the Dean of Newspaperwomen in Alberta," ca.
She was one of the most highly honored newspaperwomen in Cleveland, winning more than 40 local, state and national awards, including a Presidential Citation from Richard Nixon, the Ohio Governor's award and the national Edward J.
As newspaperwomen and self-conscious keepers of family memory, the sisters left copious published and unpublished writings about their family, Indigenous history and cultures, and other matters.
She was one of the greatest newspaperwomen Washington ever saw;' said Helen Thomas, who has covered the White House for decades and is currently a columnist for Hearst newspapers.
We were and are mostly newspaperwomen, academics, and authors.
Brilliant Bylines: A Biographical Anthology of Notable Newspaperwomen in America.