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Minsheng Dunhua Intersection-southwest corner, next to the YouBike Station
A survey found the next most unpopular people to be sitting next to on a flight were babies, colleagues and chatterboxes.
Finding someone to show us their sacred undergarments was going to be next to impossible, so we forgot that one.
Next to it lies the major sewage-treatment plant and garbage combustion plant for Barcelona's 2.5 million inhabitants.
One partner stands next to the blindfolded bowler, and one partner stands next to the bucket.
The devices range from high-tech electronic vote counters that record choices on magnetic disks, to punch-card ballots, in which a stylus is used to punch a hole next to a candidate's name (see chart, page 15).
Itoen Kai, the Tokyo tea shop has opened on Madison & 69th Street, replacing the Right Bank Restaurant, next to the original MacKenzie Childs.
I move from one thing to another, and in the film they'll be situated next to each other or happen right after one another, although there may be ten or twenty minutes between them in reality.
Microprocessors will continue to improve from one generation to the next to make cyberspace as realistic as possible--and with their improving capabilities will come myriad applications for health care services, either not cost-effective, or not even contemplated, until now.
“I have been extremely fortunate to work next to Ken for the last decade,” says John.
That will open the Mail Merge Recipients screen (exhibit 7, page 72), which gives you an opportunity to populate or filter the list by clicking on the (continued on page 72) arrow next to the column heading you wish to include: Address, City, State.