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I I like your nice manners and refined ways of speaking, when you don't try to be elegant.
He is a very nice old bachelor, but is an old bachelor just the same and isn't more than about a year this side of retirement by age limit; and so what does he know about taking care of a little maid nine years old?
And there was nice split-bottom chairs, and perfectly sound, too -- not bagged down in the middle and busted, like an old basket.
Well, it would be nice all the same to have your company a few miles, especially as it's growing dark," she added.
THERE was a nice hot singey smell; and at the table, with an iron in her hand stood a very stout short person staring anxiously at Lucie.
After dinner Miss Lavish actually came up and said: 'Miss Alan, I am going into the smoking-room to talk to those two nice men.
Very true," said Henry, "and this is a very nice day, and we are taking a very nice walk, and you are two very nice young ladies.
Watson was a nice fellow, perfect gentleman, good sportsman--did Philip hunt?
Hewet," she added, "I know it would cheer him up--lying there in bed all day-- and the flies--But I must go and find Angelo--the food here-- of course, with an invalid, one wants things particularly nice.
It has been a nice summer," said Diana, twisting the new ring on her left hand with a smile.
When noon came they opened the Fox-King's basket of luncheon, and found a nice roasted turkey with cranberry sauce and some slices of bread and butter.
Mac says she understands some things quicker than he can, and mother thinks she is an uncommonly nice girl, though she don't know all creation.