nice appreciation

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Nice appreciation from Schindler at the end, who was man of the match for me.
We are in line to announce a second tower there -- and we have already been seeing some nice appreciation for the Anwa units, from Dh1,600 a square foot at launch to Dh2,100.
The time apart really gave us a nice appreciation for each other and made the making of this record a real joy.
WORCESTER - The Mexican film "Alamar" has quietly accumulated a nice appreciation among audiences since being released in the United States in July.
"It was nice appreciation from the crowd, and to be honest, I did not expect this when I am here for relatively short period to do my job, so thanks," said Hiddink.
Recalling ethanol he said "It wona[euro](tm)t be the big boom that it thought it was a year ago, but in current levels you can see a nice appreciation of the stock," Wilsley noted.
A nice appreciation of the 'disjunction between the performative movement of the words and the static images that result from them' (p.
Schmitz shows a nice appreciation for this latter trait.
It may not be quite a Ryan Giggs affair, but the two or three grand will be a nice appreciation token from his many friends.