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They played so nicely the "Shining Emperor Waltz," composed expressly in honor of the Tin Woodman by Mr.
There was an orchard behind it, and a nicely kept lawn before it, but, somehow, there was a certain bareness about it.
He says the most horrid things about women's suffrage so nicely, and when I said I believed in equality he just folded his arms and gave me such a setting down as I've never had.
At Juag's suggestion we dug a hole in the sand at the upper edge of the beach and buried the craft, smooth-ing the surface over nicely and throwing aside the excess material we had excavated.
What we sought was either a thag--a sort of gigantic elk--or one of the larger species of antelope, the flesh of either of which dries nicely in the sun.
The ball dresses had better be put nicely away till next year," began Polly, coming to a rainbow colored heap.
So I washed it nicely, and we fussed and planned, but it came short by half of one sleeve.
I was going to do it so nicely, and those stupid hens spoilt it all," said Rose, quite crestfallen, as well as much shaken.
The Dove boys are going to give us an 'Incident in the Life of Napoleon,' as they call it; the children think it very splendid, and the little fellows do it rather nicely," answered Mac with condescension.
Look up, speak nicely, and don't twiddle your fingers all the time.
Barkley hasn't played all season because of a hamstring injury and Unsworth explained: "Ross is back in the gym and I saw him running the other day so he's coming along nicely.
Nicely appointed store with creative merchandise displays and theme.