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I believed that the niceness of the trainer, the quality of the breakfasts he gave me and the result of our deliberations on where to run the horse, over what distance, on what sort of going, under which jockey, would result in successful ownership.
Perhaps it suffers from a lack of true power overall however the understated vocals and sounds actually combine so well that the niceness is its erotic beauty.
The tell him they don't do drugs or heavy drinking and politeness and niceness is essential.
Far from being emotionally freewheeling, the twentieth century, apart from an ostentatious sexuality, emphasizes niceness over passion, and is embarassed by deeply felt or intensely expressed emotion.
Where else would a swell guy like former chief of staff Mack McLarty - nicknamed "the Nice" - get demoted and then have to read in The New Yorker that "some used his moniker in a denigrating way; to them his niceness proved his failure of assimilation.
I think that so often these days, niceness seems like it should be enough because it seems like such a rare quality but when you get inside of it, you think, 'Hmmm.
All his life, he'd been protected in one way or another, all his expectations were ministered to, and despite his attempt at escape, there remained a niceness of conventions, the confident expectation of a style of life and a sameness of manners and language which surrounded him like a comforting mist.
But, aside from the wondrous quality of her voice, isn't she also the face of innocence and niceness, a reminder of days when dreams might come true without the benefit of plastic surgery?
There's obviously no doubting her kitchen credentials, her decades of experience and all-round niceness but let's be honest, as a television presenter she has all the charisma of a rolling pin.
And he confessed: "I don't believe much in niceness.
Council tax payers will sleep easier in the knowledge of such civic niceness.
Despite his niceness being more agreeable than the actual content, the audience responded warmly to every minute.