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As to all the disputes, wrangling, strife, and contention which have happened in the world about religion, whether niceties in doctrines or schemes of church government, they were all perfectly useless to us, and, for aught I can yet see, they have been so to the rest of the world.
There were subjects, you perceive, on which Tom was much quicker than on the niceties of classical construction, or the relations of a mathematical demonstration.
It strives to consider what lies beyond the limits of gravity, time, and social niceties and pairs poems and a story by writer Michelle Blake with a visual exploration of these metaphorical worlds, which range from almost steampunk in their representations to dark matters.
With the help of The Glebe Street Afternoon Tea Ladies, Maw has compiled this braw bible of the rules, etiquette and niceties of the occasion.
But new Burnley boss Sean Dyche, right, isn't one for such niceties, in fact the former centre-half has banned them from training.
Whatever the legal niceties, our country's leaders should look into their hearts and weigh up the debt owed to the brave, trusting men who were shamefully put at risk all those decades ago.
The new, 2011 CBR600F boasts combined ABS, a completely digital fascia and a 12,000rpm, 120bhp 599cc motor the CBR has such niceties as Showa forks, and even Nissin gold brake calipers on the ABS models.
In Turkey, he dispensed with diplomatic niceties and slammed Israel for turning Gaza into a prison camp.
Thanks to companies shelling out for R/3 and other niceties, the company's net profit grew from 426 million to 491 million, an increase of 15 percent.
Nostalgia takes over and they become obsessed with only the perceived niceties of an imagined utopia that they, or their parents, have left behind but try to keep alive, thus making their lives alien to the country that they have moved to.
It's Big Bother over in Big Brother as the niceties have been done away with and the squabbling starts.
But even if they were exportable, would they be considered more than philosophical niceties to peoples deeply impressed with crying economic needs, the cruel majesty of a new industrial machine, and the prospect of being in the advanced guard of mankind?