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Taken by generous victors to Halifax, his corpse was treated with those testimonials of illustrious merit which became his exalted courage, and the character of a people never niggard in their admiration of true patriotism.
In contrast with the Garden of Adonis Spenser sets Acrasia's Bower, a place of fruitless lust and sterile sex, where "Art, as halfe in scorne / Of niggard Nature, like a pompous bride" (II.
Then, beauteous niggard, why dost thou abuse The bounteous largess given thee to give?
CD A stanza such as this, "But if the darkness finds the graves where we / Were buried under sillions of our past / Still pointing gloomy crosses at the east, / And thinks that we were niggard with our bravery, / Our ghosts if such we have, can say at least / We were not misers of our misery," seems pretty good to me.
And suddenly a new kind of language comes out of Faulkner's pen; descriptions of this hillman issue forth, a type all "of the same grudged dispensation and niggard fate of hard and unceasing travail not to gain future security, a balance in the bank or even in a buried soda can for slothful and easy old age, but just permission to endure and endure to buy air to feel and sun to drink for each's little while" (668).
pity now the poor belated wretch, The naughty niggard scorns to house from harm.
but give us the grasp of thy honest hand, and warm feelings of thy generous heart, fifty, yes a million times sooner than the mean heart and niggard hand of the selfish cur that calls itself thy master" (183)!
Answering Antipholus' question, 'Why is Time such a niggard of hair, being as it so plentiful an excrement?
We can plainly see why nature is prodigal in variety, but niggard in innovation.
A thousand, thousand ways lead to his gate, To his wide-mouthed porch, when niggard life Hath but one little, little wicket through.
niggard, which is avoided--at least in American English--due to its phonetic similarity to a taboo word, namely nigger.
After my death--dear love, forget me quite, For you in me can nothing worthy prove; Unless you would devise some virtuous lie, To do more for me than mine own desert, And hang more praise upon deceased I Than niggard truth would willingly impart .