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As for niggardliness, it means, O my brother, restraining oneself from spending on acts of goodness (abwab al-jamil), like spending in charity on relatives (muwasat al-qaraba), honouring friends, visiting saintly personages (tafaqqud dhawi al-hurumat); and advocacy of good causes (ta'ahud abwab al-birr) such as spending in charity on the needs of people (mahawij al-nas).
Envy, Spite, Secretiveness, Resentment, Bigotry, Long-suffering, Frigidity, Niggardliness, Malice, Sullenness, Churlishness, Hypocrisy, Self-pity, Vindictiveness, Pettiness, Procrastination, Sloth, and Jealousy.
This paper examines patterns of recipience of Youth Allowance over the past five years and, in doing so demonstrates the niggardliness of the award, and how difficult it is for students to survive financially without parental support.
A full-scale explanation of this niggardliness is beyond the scope of this article, but certainly an obvious hypothesis is that America's political institutions are simply more constituency sensitive than virtually any other country's and that most constituencies most of the time in most places are not prone to spending their hard-earned dollars or francs or guilder in places where it does them no direct good.
Should there be any problem this weekend, the niggardliness would not look wise, or even defensible, at any post-meeting inquest into what went wrong.
Hearing the television news detail the level of unemployment payments as cameras showed people in sleeping bags in Assedics in the depth of winter, the French people were affronted by the appalling niggardliness of Labour and `social solidarity' minister Aubry's policies.