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Hearing the television news detail the level of unemployment payments as cameras showed people in sleeping bags in Assedics in the depth of winter, the French people were affronted by the appalling niggardliness of Labour and `social solidarity' minister Aubry's policies.
The Qur'an urges Muslims to avoid niggardliness and to give sadaqah (almsgiving).
Dr Helsham is as arrogant as ever," and Delany is little better in his niggardliness when they go out to dinner (17 July 1735; 4:367).
The masque makes the usual gibes about the joyless religiosity and niggardliness of the 'new Sect', the Puritans.
They service, as poetry evidently no longer can, longing hearts shortchanged by what Kant once called "the niggardliness of a stepmotherly reality.
Needless to say, this royal niggardliness, far from contributing to effective government, often resulted in little or no government.
Angered by the contrast between the company's generosity with Miss Talbot and its niggardliness with 'poor ignorant farmers', as Rio Tinto obviously saw them, they decided to sue for damages.
We can feel good about the rising totals of giving by most Americans, but we should be deeply distressed, indeed outraged, by the comparative niggardliness of our wealthy, especially when social needs are so acute and we have had nearly two decades in which the accumulation of private wealth has reached unheard-of totals.
result only from the increasing niggardliness of nature.
The author of the family tragedy, Goodman Grandet, as Balzac satirically calls him, is unyielding in his niggardliness without seeming to realize his great fault.
There is such a thing as emotional niggardliness, and Austen suggests that Fanny begrudges her in-laws not only the three thousand pounds but any happiness or aggrandizement that is in her power to withhold.