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A barley loaf and a pitcher of water that they gave me, the niggardly traitors, whom my father, and I myself, had enriched, when their best resources were the flitches of bacon and measures of corn, out of which they wheedled poor serfs and bondsmen, in exchange for their prayers the nest of foul ungrateful vipers barley bread and ditch water to, such a patron as I had been
Do not be in a hurry to send him away, nor niggardly in the presents you make to one who is in such great need, for heaven has blessed all of you with great abundance.
Then mind you fall in love in the right place, and don't get a wife who will drain your purse and make you niggardly in spite of yourself.
When the jealous and niggardly policy of their British sovereign denied them even that humblest of requests, and instead of liberty would barely consent to promise connivance, neither he nor they might be aware that they were laying the foundations of a power, and that he was sowing the seeds of a spirit, which, in less than two hundred years, would stagger the throne of his descendants, and shake his united kingdoms to the centre.
If you find yourselves giving way under his threats, just turn your eyes on that noble-looking Pawnee, whose time is measured with a hand as niggardly, as that with which a trader in the towns gives forth the fruits of the Lord, inch by inch, in order to satisfy his covetousness.
Then, he thought, how soon he 'd turn his back upon the old schoolhouse; snap his fingers in the face of Hans Van Ripper, and every other niggardly patron, and kick any itinerant pedagogue out of doors that should dare to call him comrade!
To make fun of this trait, people call us kuripot, which literally translates to miserly, stingy, niggardly, 'Scrooge-like' and cheap.
Meanwhile, the pieces by Terence Dooley and Tony McCarthy on the 1923 Land Act and by McKayla Sutton on the Shannon Hydroelectric Scheme demonstrate that the famously niggardly budgeting of Minister of Finance Ernest Blythe occurred while the government funded two very expensive and dramatic programs.
She gives and gives bountifully; she is not niggardly about it like those haggling Greeks.
More's the pity that corporate support is so niggardly, fans so few, the financial investment such a pittance.
Despite the slasher flick's formulaic commercial appeal, it's hard for viewers to emotionally invest in its story because not only are its characters flimsy, Santos serves out the narrative rations with a niggardly hand and gives short shrift to the movie's storytelling weaknesses.
But there were undoubtedly those whose responses were harsh or niggardly, just as there were some who chose to see the entire famine as a fraud perpetrated upon the charitable and humanitarian instincts of England.