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Then, he thought, how soon he 'd turn his back upon the old schoolhouse; snap his fingers in the face of Hans Van Ripper, and every other niggardly patron, and kick any itinerant pedagogue out of doors that should dare to call him comrade!
And as knowledge is sympathy, the affection existing between them is almost painful in its intensity; they have not more to give than their neighbours, but it is bestowed upon a few instead of being distributed among many; they are reputed niggardly, but for family affection at least they pay in gold.
I was servant yonder for several years; but I couldn't stand their niggardly ways - she got ever longer and worse, did missis, with her nipping and screwing, and watching and grudging; so I thought I'd find another place.'
In these censures my landlady did Mr Fitzpatrick great injustice; for he was really born a gentleman, though not worth a groat; and though, perhaps, he had some few blemishes in his heart as well as in his head, yet being a sneaking or a niggardly fellow was not one of them.
Not so the Miss Steeles.--They came from Exeter, well provided with admiration for the use of Sir John Middleton, his family, and all his relations, and no niggardly proportion was now dealt out to his fair cousins, whom they declared to be the most beautiful, elegant, accomplished, and agreeable girls they had ever beheld, and with whom they were particularly anxious to be better acquainted.-- And to be better acquainted therefore, Elinor soon found was their inevitable lot, for as Sir John was entirely on the side of the Miss Steeles, their party would be too strong for opposition, and that kind of intimacy must be submitted to, which consists of sitting an hour or two together in the same room almost every day.
Heavy in figure, movement, and comprehension - in the sluggish complexion of his face, and in the large awkward tongue that seemed to loll about in his mouth as he himself lolled about in a room - he was idle, proud, niggardly, reserved, and suspicious.
Morland was himself patron and incumbent, of about four hundred pounds yearly value, was to be resigned to his son as soon as he should be old enough to take it; no trifling deduction from the family income, no niggardly assignment to one of ten children.
This is neatly captured in the iconic name of the initiative, Punguza Mizigo (Reduce the Burdens).It is important to recall that the failed Okoa Kenya bill dealt almost exclusively with the reform of the electoral process or IEBC and only niggardly with devolution.
It makes me queasy to even type this word, but "niggardly" has nothing to do with race.
In Surah An Nisa while informing mankind of the traits Allah dislikes most, which are being arrogant, vainglorious, niggardly, etc, it is also conveyed a glad tidings that 'Allah is never unjust in the least degree; if there is any good done, He doubleth it and giveth from His own presence a great reward' (IV: 40)
This only highlights the urgency of tapping the private sector to cooperate in whatever niggardly effort government undertakes to achieve a modicum of success.
Instead, the representatives of the hapless millions who live in this country will probably respond with denials and obfuscation if asked about their niggardly contributions to the national exchequer.