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If someone gets niggle while they are there we will pull them back Trevor Bayliss
niggles someone while they will pull Trevor "If we look at Stokes he was on fire last year," said Bayliss.
There is going to be niggle in high-stake European games.
Despite the slight niggles to Ritchie and Atsu, Newcastle's injury record in general has been much improved during Benitez's 18 months in charge.
Leaf by Niggle is Karine's first soundtrack experience and it has been a long and unusual journey for her and the production.
Zaheer has a niggle, but is progressing well and should be available for selection once the medical team has assessed him.
Sydney, Nov 4 ( ANI ): Australian Test player Shane Watson has tried to pacify his nation's cricket fans by saying that he has had a few niggles like his present injury over the last eight or nine months and so, it will not be too bad hopefully.
This gave him the good chance of recovering from a slight niggle in his leg.
More concretely, Sebastian Knowles has demonstrated that it shares the Purgatorio's structural pattern, for the place that Niggle comes to after he is allowed to leave the workhouse corresponds to the earthly paradise that Dante comes to at the end of the Purgatorio.
Of particular interest in "Leaf by Niggle" are two images: the tree that Niggle paints and the destination to which Niggle arrives at the end of a mysterious journey.
It's not an injury but a niggle, and niggles can be a long process.
Appropriateness is dismissed as the aesthete's niggle.