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Night pain and more persistent pain at rest may indicate advanced OA.
Night pain is also a common complaint with difficulty lying on that side.
After 12 weeks of treatment, patients on 60 mg of duloxetine once or twice daily had improvements in average daily pain severity, night pain severity, and pain-related sleep interference, wrote Dr.
The company said data from a pooled analysis of three studies suggest that in patients with pain caused by diabetic nerve damage, or diabetic peripheral neuropathy, who were treated with Cymbalta (duloxetine HCI), improvements in both average daily pain and night pain severity were associated with less pain-related sleep interference than in those patients taking a placebo.
There was no night pain, but pain on getting into the lying position (See Table 2).
Other points to cover in the history include dietary and menstrual history to screen for a possible eating disorder, a description of any previous treatments the patient may have undergone for the injury, and a history of any night pain.
001 versus placebo) were confirmed by secondary outcome measures, including night pain scores, Clinical Global Impressions for pain severity, and the SF-36 Health Status Survey sections addressing mental health and general health perceptions.
Together with the mechanical need for chiropractic adjustments, the insidious nature of the condition with the periodic night pain strongly suggested abnormal chemistry.
Often, the patients describe shoulder pain that occurs with the activities of daily living, night pain, a limited range of motion and tenderness in the shoulder area.