night stick

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Riot police fought them back with tear gas, periodically charging at the crowd of about 1,000 and keeping time to the beat of night sticks on their plastic shields.
The regime ordered policemen to leave their guns in the station houses and to patrol the streets carrying only night sticks.
this poem ride AC Transit n this poem say a prayer for women n wheelchairs alone at night n this poem know you gave your lover alla you n the thief wont give you back no pieces but this poem say girl your river's everflowin everlastin so keep on steppin strong sister the poem say God don love the repo man n night sticks n broke ribs n bullet holes in the left shoulder of a strong strong back
Using night sticks, the demolition crew inched their way towards the residential area as they struck the angry residents who tried to cause them harm and blocked their way.
YouTube video posted by student Lamar Gary, he counts at least 79 police officers in riot gear, night sticks, tasers and guns.
Hundreds of officers - outfitted in helmets with visors, body armour and carrying shields and night sticks - lined the street, leaving a path for the Shubra demonstrators to pass.
If what we saw last night sticks in the minds of Blues fans for the summer, then there should be a real sense of anticipation when next term begins, particularly with Gareth Thomas on his way.
A group of 60 riot police marched on the protesters from one side and drove them away from the wall, firing tear gas and beating the demonstrators with night sticks.
Hundreds of officers charged into the crowd with pepper spray and night sticks, clearing the streets.
680 Police And Prison Equipment And Supplies - 68020 Billies And Night Sticks