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NIGHT. That space of time during which the sun is below the horizon of the earth, except, that short space which precedes its rising and follows its setting, during which, by its light, the countenance of a man may be discerned. I Hale, P. C. 550; 3 Inst. 63; 4 Bl. Com. 224; 1 Hawk. P. C. 101; 3 Chit. Cr. Law, 1093; 2 Leach, 710; Bac. Ab. Burglary, D; 2 East, P. C. 509; 2 Russ. Cr. 32; Rosc. Cr. Ev. 278; 7 Dane's Ab. 134.

References in classic literature ?
Indeed, so many things were spilled and dropped upon the bed that toward night-time it had become a sort of small cooperative store.
It is the glow-worm that shines in the night-time and is black in the morning; it is the white breath of the oxen in winter; it is the little shadow that runs across the grass and loses itself at sunset.
All day long he flew, and at night-time he arrived at the city.
From the deeper recesses of the forest the strange whispering sounds of night-time came to the ear; all else was silent, saving only for the rattling of their footsteps amid the crisp, dry leaves of the last winter.
There is no night-time in the northern summer, But golden shimmer fills the hours of sleep, And sunset fades not, till the bright new-comer, Red sunrise, smites the deep.
The reason she felt no more fear was that it was now night-time, and in the dark, you remember, Maimie was always rather strange.
I'd wake up in the night and fancy that I heard that cursed yelling outside my window - ay, even on the steamer at night-time if I was on deck before moonlight, I'd seem to hear it rising up out of the water.
They landed in the night-time, and caught Oscar asleep.
It was night-time, in the East End of London, and before him stood Margey, a little factory girl of fifteen.
In the night-time, on the other hand, we were compelled to patrol the immediate vicinity of the ship; which we did, Charley and I standing four-hour watches turn and turn about.
In the night-time, after they had gone to roost, he climbed to the top of a pile of newly hauled lumber.
But this white man drank much whiskey, and in the night-time came to Yamikan's house and made much fight.