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CONTACT: Russell Hoppe, Marketing Manager, Nightstick, Wylie, TX, +1-469-326-9400; rhoppe@nightstick.
DeTavis bashed out the minivan's front passenger window with his nightstick.
He didn't watch it for several months but when he did was amazed to spot London-born Chaplin in a police uniform several sizes too big, armed with a nightstick.
In Tom Walker's second novel the cop's nightstick a club for self-defense and keeping the peace becomes a metaphor for one law enforcement family's service and ultimately a symbol of tragedy.
One carried a nightstick, an act of intimidation captured on video and immortalized on YouTube.
I've since modified it by adding a perpendicular handle seven inches long, similar to a policeman's nightstick.
I haven't the uniform, the taser, the nightstick, the handcuffs, the physical strength, the authority.
A security guard spots them, and when he swings at them with his nightstick, Alex strikes back.
A security guard at the train yard swings his nightstick at Scratch, and our terrified narrator hits the guard with his skateboard.
But in the following example, the dangler appears later in the sentence: "Witnesses said the cop hit the boy with the nightstick several times.
When the siren sounded to signal an air raid alert, Grammy would grab her helmet, armband, and nightstick and head out into the night.