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Veyne's efforts to fold Foucault into some form of liberalism, detectable in characterizations of Foucault as "this righter of wrongs, this reformer always on the attack, neither a Utopian nor a nihilist, neither a conservative nor a revolutionary," are unconvincing.
Camus characterises such rebels as nihilists, ideational twins of Herzen, Pisarev and the Russian nihilists of the 19th century, whose literary archetype was the character of the young Bazarov in Turgenev's novel Fathers and Sons.
Political participation marked by this awareness may challenge what Severino refers to as the dominion of the nihilist project of modernity and technology (127).
The nihilist in disguise as good country people acts as the unlikely catalyst for Hulga's enlightenment, but Mrs.
Conversely, characters who resort to existential despondency when confronted with their own absurd struggle are referred to as nihilist nemeses, the shadows or dark opposites of absurd heroism.
The Castles duo have been called leaders of such media-hyped sub-genres as "8-bit" and "nu-rave", however their nihilist aesthetic and diverse body of work suggests their intentions and potential are worth much more.
Vatican--On October 28, the Catholic Church beatified 498 martyrs murdered by the Communist and nihilist militias before and during the 1936-1939 Spanish Civil War, in the largest beatification ever.
Beers were flowing, chicks in bikinis, Nihilist cranked the metal all day long--and the cops never even looked over.
Continues Carroll, "Imagine, then, a military motivated by an explicit Christian, missionizing impulse at the worst possible moment in our history, because we're confronting an enemy--and yes, we do have an enemy: fringe, fascist, nihilist extremists coming out of the Islamic world--who define the conflict entirely in religious terms.
Both Nietzsche himself and his free spirits are variously charged with the tasks of valuing, revaluing, creating value and legislating value, but at the same time Nietzsche is widely held to be a nihilist in the sense of denying that value is a feature of the natural world.
On a lighter note, the Pot Party seems more inviting than, say, the National Nihilist Party, although it's hard to tell for sure since the Pot Party's Web page is just a bit, ah, muddled.
The Parker novels feature a cold-blooded professional thief and killer named Parker who is the epitome of an existentialist nihilist surviving in a bleak and unforgivable world of other killers and cutthroats.